Helping you to develop your business with China


China has the fastest growing consumer market in the world, and it is also the largest exporter.

Specialising in transcultural marketing and business development, XYZ Communications offers high-quality services to help our clients to succeed in this exciting and complex emerging market.

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We can help you to:

• understand the market conditions and opportunities within your sector;
• identify contacts and facilitate introductions;
• communicate effectively to build relationships for your business.

We tailor our services to maximise the opportunities for each client, whether you are looking to enter the Chinese market for the first time, or have already established business links.

Our clients are companies in a range of sectors including
manufacturing, high technology and ICT, and also the public
sector in the UK.

Chinese Cultural Tips
for Business

Contemporary China has the second largest economy in the world. Coupled with its 5000 years of history, this makes the country a unique place for business.

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We provide a range
of tailored services

Experienced in planning and delivering trade events,
we support trade missions to China, Hong Kong and
Taiwan, for the Welsh Government, through the
provision of tailored research and introductions
for the participating companies. Discover more

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