Branding in Chinese

An effective company brand is essential when trading in China and a Chinese business name is an integral part of this. The Chinese characters chosen should be appropriate and not give any unfortunate or unforeseen meaning. One of the best examples of effective branding of a Western company in China is Coca-Cola - read the story here.

A Chinese strapline is also a useful way of explaining your company activities. We recommend that our client companies present their business names bilingually in China to maintain their original identity and also to make it suitable for a local audience.
One of our clients, RUMM, offers remote technology to save energy consumption. To introduce the company in China for the first time, we needed a strapline that would convey what RUMM does to potential customers and partners. We used:
which, literately translated, means ‘International Long Distance Energy Saving Monitoring and Management Group’.
This Chinese strapline:
  • explains the company’s business, which is energy saving, monitoring and management;
  • highlights the company’s USP, which is long distance and remote;
  • enhances the company’s standing as an international group.