Business Development

Business Development

Having good local partners is essential for companies looking to do business in China. These partners may be businesses based in China or well-connected individuals that can help you access the market.

Due to the complexity of China’s geography and culture, it is best to focus resources on just one region at a time. As the business expands, a regional strategy will be needed as one partner may not be able to cover the whole of China.

We also advise our clients to take measures to protect their Intellectual Property Rights before entering their goods and services into the market.

We help our clients to identify partners through various stages of research, shortlisting, introduction, visits and evaluation.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Identification of potential distributors and the facilitation of introductions at a trade show for a horse feed and supplement company.
  • Identification of potential partners through targeting, profiling and interviews for companies in the electronics, energy saving and manufacturing sectors.
  • Evaluating pricing and samples for manufacturers of promotional goods and sportswear.