Due Diligence

Due Diligence

The internet and e-commerce make communications with suppliers and customers in China much easier, but making the right decisions often requires more information than can be obtained through correspondence alone.

We help our clients to obtain in-depth market intelligence about their Chinese business partners. A Company Background and Credit Report offers analysis and credit rating on the target Chinese company. Baseline data are collected from banks, industrial and commercial bureaux, courts and local government. Interviews with the directors and staff are then conducted in person or via the telephone.

Our network covers first- and second-tier cities and most of the larger townships in China, ensuring that multi-location surveys are conducted in a consistent manner.

Below are examples of how a Company Background and Credit Report has helped our clients:

  • A UK railway equipment manufacturer had assistance to negotiate their joint venture agreement. The report provided valuable information on their potential Chinese partner.
  • When a Chinese company sent a large and unexpected order to a UK firefighting equipment manufacturer, the report provided risk assessment and prevented financial loss for our UK client.