Market Entry

China is a continent with a collection of regional markets. Good research and analysis is therefore vital to help companies make the right decisions.

It is essential to understand sector regulation in China. This includes an awareness of the restrictions placed upon foreign suppliers to avoid goods being held at customs or banned from sale in the Chinese market.

Using a combination of desk research and interviews, we advise our clients on how to meet business objectives and clarify grey areas in Chinese regulations. We also talk to our extensive industry contacts to obtain a practical view of individual sectors and to gather specific in-market knowledge.

Examples of recent reports include:
  • Feasibility analysis for an LED lighting manufacturer through an introduction into the LED sector development and opportunities for market entry.
  • Research for a horse feed and supplements company on market entry policy and product registration.
  • In-depth reports for a number of manufacturers in the logistics, packaging, medical equipment and IT sectors, to provide information on market demands and trends; manufacturing clusters and key players; pricing and distribution structure.