Market Visit

Market Visit

Travelling to China can be a very rewarding experience. To ensure your business visit goes smoothly, you need to take a few points into consideration before and during your visit. Read more here.

XYZ Communications is experienced at helping our clients to build relationships in the Chinese market and thus carry out business successfully.

We are skilled at planning meetings, co-ordinating logistics and providing one-to-one support for our clients visiting China. We assign local resources to the projects wherever possible to ensure that the best local knowledge and contacts are employed. We help our clients to understand Chinese cultural differences in a business context.

We support trade missions to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the Welsh Government through the provision of tailored research and introductions for the participating companies.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • A seminar themed around green technology and sustainable development, followed by a series of meetings with senior Chinese government officials. The project included recruitment in the UK and China, planning, organisation and promotion of the event.
  • Support for Welsh trade missions, with delegates travelling through a number of locations in mainland China and Hong Kong, including pre-departure research, planning and in-market delivery.
  • Planned and accompanied multi-centered meeting programmes for UK manufacturers of food, welding technology and electronics.